Dearest friends,

Our last four shows in the Smoky Mountains gave us great joy. So many children came to faith in Jesus. Jared overheard two little boys talking together right before the prayer. One boy asked his friend, “Are you gonna pray?” his friend replied, “Yup, are you?” The boy responded, “Yup, I’m gonna talk to Him and He’s gonna talk to me.” It would be wonderful if all of us understood a conversation with God as well as this little boy understood.
After we finished at one show, a little boy named Patrick came over and talked to me. He said, “I’ve been watching your show for four years. Today I asked Jesus into my heart.” We were able to give Patrick a book of Bible stories. He was very excited! He said, “I will try to keep my Bible and this book as long as I possibly can!” I smiled and told him to always hold on to Jesus.
We have seen so many children smiling and laughing and coming to faith. We are very blessed! I am so grateful to the young people that are traveling with me because of the excellence of their ministry with the children. Their skills with the puppets have been used by God to open many doors for us in the Smoky Mountains.
Please hold all of us in your prayers as we are presently in Roanoke, Virginia and traveling to Sykesville, Maryland tomorrow. We have a show tomorrow evening after we arrive. Please hold us in your prayers.

Our new puppet team in Nigeria reported that they did their first three puppet shows. The children laughed and cheered. You will remember that we had a big problem when we were in Nigeria as we saw so many children hit with sticks and fists. The team reported that at the shows they did no one was hit with sticks because they told the teachers that it was wrong. They said that everyone had a wonderful time in the presence of God. At the end of the ministry, 115 children were led to Christ. Praise God!

The following request is from our Lebanese puppet director, Shadi Saad. We really need you to hold this man and this work in your prayers. Please read his words:
“I would like to share with you an important prayer request. In the last weeks, two of the families that proclaimed their faith in our Lord Jesus are facing a lot of persecution from their family members who are pushed by the religious leaders. They have been threatened with losing their homes if they continue attending our house groups.
At the same time, I was threatened not to come again and visit them. Today, as I was talking on the phone with one of them, she said to me: "I have full confidence that the Lord will show His glory and that very soon we will join you again in the meetings" and she added "tonight I sat with my kids, read the Bible and prayed, through prayers we will succeed". I confirmed to her that no one can take Jesus from her and that our Lord is always conqueror…”

If you would like to view pictures from our last trip to Burkina Faso please click on this link:!i=1961629847&k=b5KjM94

In Jesus
Linda for
Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Jared and Seth