Dear Friends,

Right now, we are in the Adirondacks, but tomorrow we will finish here and head towards Marion, Massachusetts. Our time in Baltimore was fantastic. We also had an incredible show in Philadelphia, but these stories will have to wait. There are simply too many stories to share at once. Please keep praying.
Our time in the Bronx was amazing! We had a great plan for ministry that day and God changed it. Pulling a 12 foot trailer through New York traffic was exciting, but having our vehicle break down on the side of the road gave us a great opportunity to see God’s faithfulness.
We broke down across the street from a place full of children, but they would not let us do a show because we would tell the children about Jesus. The man in charge wanted us to come but was told that if he let us share, it would be his last day of work. We knew that God put us in that particular spot for a purpose, so we got out the balloons and began to tie balloons and share with children and parents who came our way.
God was so good. Paige told 2 little boys from Yemen, who were Muslim, about Jesus. They said they had never heard about Jesus. We shared with Spanish and Portuguese speaking children about how much Jesus loves them. I made a flower balloon for an older lady in a wheel chair and prayed with her.
It was very hot on the street and for a time there were no children. Seth put a water bottle under his head and laid down on the sidewalk and went to sleep. When I saw him sleeping, I thought “Seth has been in Africa. He is comfortable anywhere.”
We finished the day in a park and were blessed to see how God drew people of all ages to the show. It is a wonderful thing to tell a story about Jesus, His miracles, and His hope. Since we had never worked in the Bronx, we were very happy to have this privilege. We had good one on one conversation with children and adults as we tied balloons after the show.
Afterwards, we spent the night at Camp Joy in Carmel New York. Early the next morning we did a show for their camp chapel. Most of the children were from New York City. They loved the show. They were literally dancing in the aisles. Even the counselors joined them. We told the children the story of Goliath and how God can handle any problem, no matter how big.

Our prayers for an Irish team have been answered. So many of you wrote and offered to serve. Thank you for caring so much about the Irish people. Please begin to pray for this trip.

In Jesus
Linda for,
Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Jared and Seth