Dearest Friends,

The Adirondacks

As soon as we arrived at the camp, a little blonde headed boy came running up to me. He smiled and said, "It’s been so long." He had not seen us in a year. For the past 3 summers, we have gone to this camp and done a show. Each year, we tell the children how they can put their trust in Jesus and invite them to pray with us. This summer, for the first time, they prayed out loud. Many of the children asked Jesus to rescue them. Praise God!

While in New York’s beautiful mountains, we worked with Cornerstone Alliance Church. It is a Christian Missionary Alliance Church and Jared’s father is the pastor. Because of his parents, Charlie and PJ, many doors opened to us. We shared at 2 other churches and did shows in a park. Praise God for their vision!

One sweet little boy came and spoke to me after a show at his church. He thanked me for the show and told me that he had prayed with me asking Jesus to be his Savior. When I think of the beauty of the mountains, they are pale against the beauty of that little boy’s smile.

Prayer Requests

Please pray us safely home. Presently, we are in Virginia and will arrive in Georgia tomorrow. Our journey this July has taken us across 10 states . Every step of the way, we have seen God’s providence and power. So many, many children have trusted in Jesus! We are very tired, but very blessed!

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Jared, Mykayla, Paige, and Heather