Dearest Friends,

Rain! Rain! And More Rain!
This has been the driest trip to Ireland that we have ever had. We have been delighting in the weather and the opportunity it gives us to have huge crowds. However, yesterday afternoon, the weather changed.
We are in Limerick. Yesterday afternoon, we set up in front of a closed shop in a pedestrian shopping area. Quickly, a good crowd gathered. As soon as we started, the blue skies disappeared and the rain came. Still the crowd stood and listened.
The band could not use their keyboard, so we put up the puppets and I told a story. It was raining too hard to draw, so I told the story of Joseph and acted it out. I began by saying “I have a great story to tell you. If you are willing to stand in the rain to listen, I am willing to stand in the rain to tell it.” And they stayed. What a shock!
Many took the free CD’s and Gospel tracts that the band was passing out. Some great conversations took place with the people who were curious to hear more about God’s love and forgiveness. They trusted us with their life stories. One lady was grieving the loss of her mother. Another spoke of a very broken life.
One of my sweetest memories is 3 little boys who sat on a bench in the pouring rain listening for most of the afternoon. Pray for these little boys to come to deep faith. The Father knows their names.

Today, the Father blessed us with sunshine. The crowds were very big and eager to receive CD’s and tracts. Three little girls sat in the spot the three little boys had occupied yesterday. When Sam C. did his bubble trick they gasped in amazement.
Unfortunately, the sunshine did not last and the rain forced us to move our program inside the church where we are staying. At the end of the program, we heard the sweetest sound. We heard children praying out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. Praise God!
I was so delighted by all we saw the Lord do today. The pastor of a local church described the day as “spectacular.” At all of our programs, he worked with us. We are so blessed.

Tralee and Prayer
Tomorrow Friday, we are headed for Tralee. We will be on the street every afternoon and evening through Sunday night. On Saturday night, we will be on the main stage. We are so grateful to the Father for this great privilege. Please continue to pray for all those who heard the Gospel in Dublin, Galway and Limerick. Please begin to pray for the work in Tralee.

In Jesus,
Linda for Anna, Colleen, Sam C., Sam S. and Sara