Dearest Friends,

I Remember

A lovely young German woman came and spoke to me last night. She had the most beautiful smile and shared with me a lovely story. Six years ago, she watched a street show here in Galway that we all did. She still listens everyday to the CD that the band gave away that night. More, she told me that she also remembered the story I told of David and Goliath.
She was thrilled to see us again and receive a new free CD and that her husband was able to see the show for the first time! Her joy blessed all of us! She stayed though most of the evening and watched our program. Her smile never left her face. Every time I looked in her direction, I smiled.

Dublin and Prayer
Our last day in Dublin was sweet. Here are a few stories and some people to include in your prayers. Our God is amazing!
Paul invited Jesus into his heart standing on a street in Dublin. He prayed to receive Christ with Michelle who sings with Reality. For 3 days, he came to every show and on our last night, he trusted in Jesus.
Diana is young, and lives on the streets. Anna and Colleen shared with her, but she was not receptive to God’s love or their offer of a meal.
AJ is from Lithuania and we met her at our picnic as we traveled from Dublin to Galway. She volunteers as a guide at Charleville Castle. For years, unknown to us, the castle has been investigated by numerous ghost chasers, psychics and witches from around the world. Fox TV did a special on it. I spoke with AJ about the reality of God and her need for Jesus. I know that ghosts do not exist, but demons are real. AJ is only slightly religious but has no protection from this very real evil. She has no shield of faith.
Gladys is an 86 year old woman who has been widowed for 2 years. She wandered into the church where we were staying and Claire gave her a cup of tea. I talked with her a long time and heard the worst story. Her pastor, the one she trusts to tell her the truth, told her that you can never know if you are going to Heaven or not. She was broken, confused and listening. I had to leave to go and do a show, but I left her in the care of a dear brother who can continue to follow up with her.
Phoebe is a teenager I found sitting in the yard of the church. I talked with her about how there is no problem God cannot solve. I gave her a Bible and food.

Germany, Italy, India, Canada, America, Ireland and More
The world comes to Ireland and the crowds who watch our shows are full of people from all over the world. They come to see the beauty of this island. We come to tell them about our beautiful Savior.
Last night, in Galway, we were amazed at the crowds the Lord gave us. Sometimes, it was hard for people to pass because the crowd packed the street. They listened intently to the story of the prodigal son and how God waits to welcome them home as His sons and daughters.
We also had our share of hecklers. One group of young men shouted at me during a Bible story and another group tried to disrupt the program with loud clapping. God is good to us. We have all learned to just smile and keep going. These days require courage for all of us to stand in the dark. I tell you the truth. I love street shows! Pray with enthusiasm!

Where Are We?
Yesterday we arrived in Galway, a beautiful city by the sea. Last night and tonight we are on Shoppe Street. This afternoon, we will be in Eyre Square at a lovely park.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, we travel to Limerick and Friday will find us at the Rose of Tralee Festival. Please hold all of these places in your prayers. Pray for good weather as all of our shows are on the street. Pray for a sweet spirit as we deal with hecklers. Ask the Father to call many to Himself.

In Jesus,
Linda for Anna, Colleen, Sam, Sara and Reality