Dearest Friends,


We finished our time in Tralee tonight, Sunday, with huge crowds that listened to the stories, enjoyed Reality, and we saw the Father do such sweet things and so the following is a list of blessings.

1. At Saturday night’s show, a little girl came running up to me to give me a gift. She had drawn me a beautiful picture of the puppets in the stage. She said it was to thank me for the stay.

2. A lady from Chad stood up in church this morning and shared her testimony. She spoke in her native language and used a translator to tell us of the joy she had found in Jesus. Today, she went out to a beach by the sea and was baptized.

3. On Saturday evening, we shared on one of 2 stages that are set up at the Rose of Tralee Festival. Reality and the Agape Puppets are the only Christian group given this privilege. God is gracious. We were blessed with a crowd of hundreds. One of the festival workers told us that ours was the biggest crowd of the day and that they listened the best. When he told me this, I said, “What you have seen has nothing to do with us. It is the power of the Living God as His Holy Spirit calls people to trust in Jesus Christ”. The man agreed. God is very good to us.

4. A sweet young man with Down’s Syndrome came to see me last night. He wanted to welcome me back to Tralee. He said the he looks forward to seeing us every year.

5. An older gentleman came and said, “I have been watching you for donkeys.” This means that he has been watching us for years. He was very concerned about his mother, so Sam Shaw and I prayed for her on the street. The man was touched by our prayer and kissed me on the cheek.

6. Tonight, a lady named Marie came and spoke to me on the street. Marie attended a puppet show with her grandchildren. She asked me if I was one of those people that you would call a Christian. I told her that I loved Jesus. She began to share her story. She said that she no longer believed that God was there. Her husband had a heart attack and died in a car crash. I shared with her my husband Mike’s story and told her that in spite of his terrible death, I still believe. I prayed with her and before she left, I gave her a Bible, a promise book and a tract that told her how to come to Jesus. Please pray for her.

7. As we left tonight, so many children waved at us and smiled. Hundreds attended the shows and listened spellbound to Bible stories. Only Jesus could give them such focus with all the distractions on the street.

8. There is more than can be written on these pages because we are all simply exhausted, but so so blessed.

Tomorrow, Monday, we drive 8 hours home to Northern Ireland. Then, we have to pack and drive back to Dublin in the middle of the night. Please pray us “safe home”.

In Jesus,

Linda for Anna, Sara, Sam S., Sam C. and Reality