Dearest Friends,

We are safe in India and all of our luggage is with us. God is amazing! David and I went to the airport on Friday with 11 checked bags and 4 carry-ons.There was no way that the airline would allow us to have all that luggage. However, I had to have all those bags to plant a new puppet team and train and equip 25 Sunday School teachers. Even our carry-ons that had our only clothes for the trip were half full of equipment. We prayed with enthuiasm!

Not only did they allow us to have all those bags, they gave us a special rate for the extra baggage that saved the puppet ministry alot of money. Today, we divided all of that equipment, as we will fly tomorrow to the state of Chatishgargh to plant a new puppet team. Please pray that the airline will show us mercy.

More, please begin to pray for the children in this place. Ask the Lord to give them tender hearts for Jesus. Please pray for safety for those that we are working with and for us. Thank you for kneeling so that we can stand in the dark!

In Jesus, Linda