Dearest Friends,


I am overwhelmed by your generosity and your response to my last email where I requested money for socks. The Muslim elders of a village were requiring gifts so we would be allowed to do a puppet show for them. Since the children are cold and we will tell them about Jesus, I have no problem with this request. My friend, Pastor Shadi, and I want to thank you with all of our hearts for seeing with God’s eyes. We were given more than the amount of money that  is needed so we will take the extra funds and use it to provide food and clothing for the the children as needed.

Please know that we never give gifts unless we tell the children about the great gift who is Jesus the Son of God. We are seeing so many , many children and adults coming to faith. More are being drawn into deep discussions about who Jesus is and how He can change their lives. We are witnessing a great outpouring of God’s Spirit.

Many people will tell you that you can not do what we are doing among the Muslims in the Middle East, but they do not understand how big is our God. My friends decision to do this work, comes with a cost, that he and his family pay daily, as they must be separated and not always safe. However, he understands what I understand…that these children and their parents desperately need the cross. That need is worth whatever price all of us must pay. It is an honor and joy to serve the King with all of you.

If you want to receive updates about the work with the refugee children then email my friend and he will add you to his prayer list ( Also, he will be at my house for a dinner party on March 4th or 5th to meet people and tell them more about the ministry of Church Without Walls.

In Jesus, Linda and Shadi