Dearest Friends,
Happy Birthday Mohammed!
Though the Islamic world celebrated by passing out sweets, we celebrated by telling children about our sweet Savior! You will love this story!
Today, we were on the border between 2 countries. Actually, we were surrounded on 3 sides by an unfriendly country. In this place, being an American is less of a problem than the allegiance I give to the cross. Shadi and my other friends face the same problem. We forget that there are many who do not love Jesus and so they do not like us and what we are telling the children.
However, the children love our words! I tell them that the one true God sees them, knows their name, and cares what happens to them. They stare at me , pleading with their eyes that such a wonder is true. Many are hearing the Gospel for the first time. Some prayed out loud with us, calling on Jesus to rescue them. Even the parents are positive in their response. Some adults prayed. So many thank me. Their gratitude belongs to you because you sent me.
The children mostly walk to the show, some traveling a good distance. They are dirty and will not be clean. They are hungry and will not be fed. Even worse…most live without Jesus. This terrible tragedy has opened their hearts to the cross. This is our time to be light and show them Jesus. I am explaining the plan of salvation to people that I could not be with if they were not refugees. 
Today we had 240 children plus their parents. This is incredible. The local military would not let me stay the whole day, but God gave us beautiful weather so that we gathered all of the children together outside. We were able to see everyone that we had hoped to see. A snow storm was supposed to hit today, but you prayed and God sent sunshine.
Joy and grief war in my soul, but I hold to hope. All this pain and hurt and loss….God has a plan and I trust in His goodness. I loved today! He never disappoints!  Please pray for these children!!!
A Storefront and Sardines
The refugees live wherever they can find a spot. They rent the worse houses or they construct a tent of sorts in a field. There is no bathroom or kitchen. Some take a empty storefront and call it home. It usually has a small bathroom which doubles as the kitchen. It is a concrete box with no windows, only a metal roll up door. When it is open, then all of the weather comes inside.
Yesterday, we used a storefront as our meeting place. The children packed into the space like sardines, but no one complained. They delighted in the stories about Joseph and Jesus and God’s offer of forgiveness. Some prayed out loud with us. Pray for these little ones!
I truly love this work. These children are so dear. A little girl brought me a bouquet of flowers that she picked today. Other children gave me single flowers that they found. I was so touched! They really have nothing,but they thought of me.
In Jesus, Linda