See What I Have Seen

Tonight I am preparing to start my trip home and I am remembering so many precious children. I want you to see what I have seen. I will remember a little boy standing in the cold and mud. His lip was quivering and he was shaking, but he stood and listened to a Bible story about God’s love and forgiveness. So many Muslim children prayed that day!

I will remember praying through so many difficulties as doors closed to us. Still, the Father always opened another door and made it possible for us to tell thousands of children and adults about God’s great rescue plan.

I am never alone. I know this to be true. Even though I came here by myself, The Lord surrounded me with family who poured their love on me. Many told me that they wished I was their Mom. Such is the wonder of what happens in God’s family.

I will always thank God for the privilege of standing with these heroic brothers and sisters. They live lives of sacrifice for the cross, but walk humbly with the Father. They do not seek credit for their work. We shared so many meals together and had such sweet fellowship. I love Shadi and all my middle eastern family.

God’s deliverance for all of us on 2 occasions was amazing. We were targeted by evil men who saw us as a great threat. We were never a problem…it was Jesus who they feared.

My heart sings as I think of our puppet team here, three young ladies who I believe are being used by God to touch many. Their joy in their work was such a blessing.

I thank God for all the women who came to different women’s meetings and hungered for Jesus.

Finally….I see a sea of needy hurting children whose greatest need is an eternal rescue. Hold them in your prayers. Please pray me safe home on Friday afternoon.

In Jesus, Linda