Dearest Friends,

Hala’s Story…. Everyone’s Story

"What if Your healing comes through tears,
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You are near?
What if the trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?"

These words describe the plight of the Syrian refugees and in them is rooted my hope for them. They are from a favorite praise song of mine. I love the way words challenge my own heart. They certainly speak about the suffering my friends here endure.

When you visit their homes, you can see the remnants of their former lives. The blessed ones escaped in a car with whatever they could carry. Most came with nothing.

We do a lot of visits with people between shows. Yesterday, I was visiting with a refugee family. Their house was cold. The wood was too wet to burn well. They served us tea and oranges. This friend has come to deep faith and prays for her husband. We talked a lot about Jesus yesterday and he listened well. This family has lost everything, so there is no going home. My sister in Christ took off her beautiful black scarf and put it around my neck. A refugee gave me a gift. I have no words. Pray for this family.

Hala is a young woman who has been coming to the women’s meetings we have been having for the refugees. We gave her a ride home the other day and I asked her what her life was like before she fled. Hala said," We had a good life with houses and fields. We had nice furnishings and our children went to private school."

She is only 30 years old and does not know if her husband is alive or dead. He stayed behind so that he could get his family out safely. Hala is very close to faith and needs your prayers. Though her life has been ripped away from her, she is on the verge of discovering new life in Christ. Pray!

God’s Great Rescue Plan

Sometimes sharing God’s great rescue plan requires Him to rescue us. Yesterday, for the second time, we were rescued. Our friend overheard plans to hurt us. The group was led by an old man who is an Islamic extremist and miserable in his sins. The children had already gathered and we were setting up. I can not give you more details, but know that our hearts broke because we did not get to stay and share with the children. They had welcomed us so warmly and were so happy to see us. Less than 2 minutes after we left, the rest of the bad guys arrived. We now have a new plan for reaching these children. Hold them in your prayers. Please know that we also had a time of prayer for these who are enemies of the cross.

In Jesus, Linda, Shadi Saad , and many national friends