Dearest Friends,
Sunny California

Yesterday, believe it or not, we went to California, but we are still in Scotland. As we entered the village of California, the snow was whirling all around us. Yes, this is going to be an amazing story!
We were doing a program for Scripture Union, a Bible-based program that happens during lunch time at many schools. Normally, they have ten children attend this particular program, but because of the snow, the entire school and all of the teacher came. They could not go outside and play so they came and played with us.
It was the best show! They laughed and clapped and enjoyed every single thing we did. Even the teacher were happy and asked how quickly we could all come again. How sweet to see everyone so pleased and happy as they heard the story of God’s rescue plan for them. They delighted in Jesus!
Here is the best part of the story. I have diligently been praying for God to give Andras, our new director, doors into the schools. God threw open the doors to the schools with this one program.
The kind man that we worked with in Scripture Union was very pleased. All of us felt a great outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. Our friend was so overcome by God’s kindness, that he came up to me after the show and gave me a big hug. Everyone laughed. They say he is a very conservative man and joked that he does not even hug his wife and children. Truly, he was moved and has offered to help Andras get in many other schools. Praise God!
I could not stop smiling, so great was my joy…so great IS my joy! An added happiness is that I woke up this morning to four inches of snow on the ground. It is beautiful and I feel like a child at Christmas time. The Father is so sweet to give us all these things.
A Tornado and a Transmission

Yesterday, allotting for the time difference, a storm was raging at my house in Georgia while we were doing the show for the children in California, Scotland. A sweet neighbor called and told me that a tornado came across my property. I cannot help but notice the timing. 
I have seen the pictures. It is a big mess! Dozens and dozens of trees are on the ground. There were so many limbs on the ground that Will, a dear young man who treats me like a mother, could not even get in my driveway. Some that are not down will need to be cut because they are so broken.
God is kind! The house only had minor damage. I have the best friends and family. Bekah has been so much help sorting out all the phone calls and emails.
I know the Father has lessons He wants to teach me and others through this tornado. Please ask the Father to keep my eyes on Him and make me faithful.
I am sad. Mike and I planted many of those trees over 30 years ago. The bigger ones are over 100 years old. As I was processing all of this news, I began to think about my refugee friends in the Middle East. They have real loss. Perspective always helps!
Finally, I also received news yesterday  that the puppet SUV must have a new transmission. I must have it to pull the trailer for shows. This is an expensive repair that we certainly did not expect. Please cover this problem in prayer. 
God is good and kind and always takes care of me!
In Jesus,