Dear Friends,

Yesterday, we trained a group of Sunday School teachers and children’s workers. It was a wonderful time! They listened well and responded with excitement.
God gave me a special gift. Big picture windows were to my right and God filled them with snow all day long. I love snow, but I really love seeing God move in people’s hearts. You can teach someone anything if they are willing, but you can not give them vision. Only our Father can enable a person to see with His eyes.
When I am teaching in another country, my prayer is always that God will give them ideas of how they can reach their own children for Jesus. God answered my prayer! A precious young woman came to us wanting the team to travel to Shetland, an island on the north coast of Scotland. She told us how few people there really see the needs of the children. Andras, our Scottish director, was excited to hear about this opportunity and we began to plan. Pray for God to fulfill this vision for Shetland.
Free Breakfast

We had the sweetest time this morning serving homeless men and women breakfast. One homeless man was asked how he was doing. He replied, "God takes good care of me." I talked with him and felt that he was a true believer. Friends who know him agreed. What a precious testimony! His sweet spirit challenges me. 
Many talked about being estranged from their families. Some were drunk. One man stared into space, as though he looked at some terror only he could see. They were all cold and hungry. Please pray for these men and women. Only Jesus can heal their brokenness. Only Jesus can clear their confusion and give them peace.
Kelty Evangelical Church

This church was about to disappear, like so many other churches in Scotland. The coal mines closed and half the village of 10,000 left. When my friends first started working in this place, there were only 6 members left.
God is beginning to move. Three brothers in their twenties will be baptized this coming Sunday. This morning, we did a puppet show and I shared mission stories. We had a wonderful response! There were even first-time visitors there. 
Please pray that the church can get a pastor who will live in their community. Please ask the Father to send more workers. Rejoice that from our time there today, our new Scottish team received two invitations for shows. Amen!

Legislation is being considered in Scotland which would redefine marriage. The new definition would not be the concept of marriage that God’s word teaches. This law will affect all of Scotland’s children for generations to come. Please stand with your brothers and sisters in Christ in Scotland and ask God to stop this law from passing. 
In Edinburgh, I have several times passed places where Christians once chose death rather than deny their faith. They chose not to yield to popular opinion. They clung to the truth of scripture. Scottish believers today face the same battle. The light wars against the dark. Please ask the Father to raise up believers who will boldly proclaim God’s definition of marriage and protect the children.
…And One More Prayer Request
Bekah and I had a few minutes to explore some local streets and shops and had a brief but sad conversation about Jesus with a Muslim shopkeeper. He insisted that Jesus is not the Son of God but was only a prophet, and would not listen as we offered the truth and hope that Christ came to give. As we left, we told him with a smile that we would pray for him. He hastily said "I can pray for myself!" He did not want our prayers. We prayed anyway! Please join us in asking the Father to take this defensive, fearful man into His family, where he along with us can know Christ as his Brother, Savior and King.
In Jesus,