Dearest friends,
We are safe in Kathmandu and headed up into the mountains. The city is so dirty that a haze makes it difficult to see very far. This place is known as the city of temples. Many people in this country are trying to make Nepal a true Hindu state. This decision would close the door for the kind of children’s ministry that we are doing here. Already we have trouble with the schedule. Please ask God to hold open the doors so that we can tell children about Jesus. Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters that are working with us. They are very kind to us. They chose to ride in the back of the truck so that we could have better seats. When we arrived, we were given bottles of water and told that this was a gift from our friends. When did you ever think of water as a gift? These trips always teach me to be grateful for small things, to see small gifts as big gifts. Please stay on your knees.

In Jesus
Linda, Anna and Meg