Dearest Friends,
The Mountain School
   Today was actually a holiday for school children, but one principal wanted her children to see the program so badly, she arranged for them to come. More, she gave up her own holiday and came to school herself. Most amazing is that she went to all this trouble and is Hindu. Such is the power of the cross.
    We were in the range of mountains beside the Himalayas. They are not considered so big, but then consider their neighbors. The views were spectacular as we drove along a very small, winding road. Once the road became a footpath we had to abandon the truck and carry the equipment down the road to the school. The children helped us, even though many had walked an hour to reach the school. They literally walked from the top of one peak to the next. The children’s determination humbled all of us. Many of the parents came as well!
   It was a very special show. What a joy to tell these children about Jesus. Many were hearing the story of God’s rescue plan for the first time. The pastor was so happy that he is planning on starting a weekly Sunday School for these children. Please ask the Lord to keep them excited about Jesus and His stories!
On Top of a House
   We traveled back down the mountain to meet with over 200 village children. They waited hours for us to arrive and were not complaining when we came. Two columns divided the room that they used for church, making it necessary to tell a very energetic story so that all the children could see. So many prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to rescue them! God is kind to us!
The Big Finish
   We finished the day by attending a Christian wedding. Our puppet director, Tika-Ram-Baral is also a pastor and preached. Meg sang “In Christ Alone”.
   The wedding was different than what we know. The ladies and girls were all wearing beautiful saris, mostly red and very sparkly. The couple wore garlands made of grass and decorated. At the end of the service they exchanged them. The grass is symbolic of how their love should grow.
Keep praying!
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna, and Meg