Dearest Friends,
The Sweetest Show
                This afternoon we were in a village church whose Pastor is raising 8 orphans. Many other orphans were in attendance at the show. I am not really sure why things happened as they did, I just know the children really loved the program. Sometimes they would just stand up. Their joy was just too much for them to stay seated on the floor. Their sweet laughter still echoes in my ears. They prayed with equal enthusiasm, calling on Jesus to rescue them.
                Children are often orphaned here not by the death of their parents, but by poverty. Their families cannot raise them and there is no one in their extended family to help them. Hold all of these children in your prayers.
Prayer and Praise
1.       Rejoice with us that we have 4 programs scheduled for tomorrow. Our driver has enjoyed the shows so much, he went home and begged his Pastor to invite us. So… we have 4 shows. Pray for strength!
2.       Thank God for the believers that we met with in a small village church. You could see the mountains through the spaces in the walls of the church. The floor was concrete and chutes of bamboo formed a wall of sorts. They told us that they were honored to have us visit. The honor was ours. These are people of real faith who, though desperately poor, give to take care of others. How often do we in the West fail to give from our abundance?
3.       Pray for the children to respond with joy to the stories about Jesus who aches to rescue them.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna and Meg