Dearest Friends,
The Big Finish
                Today was our last day to do programs for the children and it was a very special day. We travelled across 3 mountains and 4 rivers to reach hundreds and hundreds of children who did not know about God’s rescue plan for them. The first two shows were very precious to all of us as they were with children who were very hungry to hear what we had to say. I thought that I had seen poverty in Nepal, but today showed us children who had less than nothing. They made their houses out of mud and used a different color of mud to paint them. Their lack of earthly things made them long for the eternal. Out first show was a combination of two schools and they showered us with flowers. In all my years doing ministry, I have never received so many, many flowers. The petals literally covered the floor and made for a beautiful carpet as I told the story about Jesus. The second show was at a school called “Flower Garden School”, but there was not a tree or a flower in sight. Everything was brown. It was extremely hot today, so the children watched the program from under the porches on both levels of the school. Everyone was thrilled with the program and invited us to return.
                The third program was our last in Nepal and proved very difficult. There were hundreds of children but they were very poorly behaved and the teachers were not really helping. God was kind to us. We were able to finish the Bible story and both puppet songs but we had to stop the program before we could do the testimonies. The children had pushed forward until there was literally no space for us to stand; however, even when it is difficult, I have hope. I know those children heard about God’s forgiveness today. Please pray for all the children that we shared with today to trust in Jesus.
More Than We Could Tell
                We simply have not had time to tell you about everything that we have been doing. We’ve had many opportunities to train people as we were driving around in the truck on our way to shows. One day we spent 5 hours training a group of Sunday School teachers and equipping them so that they can go into villages and tell people about Jesus. Another day we did a program late in the afternoon at a church where many, many children trusted in Jesus. One of our sweetest memories was the second time that we were able to meet with the brothers and sisters in Pastor Baral’s church. We had a special time sharing about how to walk as a Christian and live as a Believer. One of my favorite memories is all the laughter that we shared before and after programs and travelling to the shows.
                Tomorrow, we will travel to Kathmandu, with plans to begin our journey home on Tuesday. We will arrive in America late in the day on May 1st. Please pray for all of us as we are sick and tired and full of joy.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna and Meg