Dearest Friends,
Zimbabwe and South Africa
                Often I find in this work that I make a plan but God has another plan. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails”, Proverbs. We were finally able to get the electricity bill for our visa application for Zimbabwe. Everything seemed to be sorted out, but then security issues developed in the country which will prevent us from going to Zimbabwe at this time.
                I have been very sad about this development and had to really pray so that I could trust God with the change in our schedule. After many hours of prayer, I can honestly say that I have complete peace about our new direction. We are still going to South Africa and will take a set of equipment for a new team in Zimbabwe. We have a wonderful team in Worcester that will go at a later date to train and equip our pastor friend in Zimbabwe. All of us will enjoy the great adventure of sharing Christ with children in South Africa.
                Please pray for the children of Zimbabwe and ask God to make a way for the South African team to go there as soon as possible. Ask God to protect the children there as it is often a very difficult and dangerous place to be a child. Please pray for the South African team as they will have to put together a new schedule and change their plans. Please ask the Lord to give them peace. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Another Change in Plans
                I certainly did not plan to come to Nepal and end up in the Emergency Room, but that is what happened last night. From something I ate or drank, I have developed a very bad infection. I have been quite ill, but the good news is that I am now much better. Today, the team did two puppet shows for more than 800 children, but they did the work without me. The doctor required that I stay in bed and rest today and for once, I was obedient in this area.
                They had an incredible day of ministry and were able to share with so many Hindu children. Best of all, they got to see our Nepali Puppet Director, Tika Ram Baral, tell the stories to the children. He did an awesome job!
                For myself, I supported them in prayer. Now I ask you to support us in prayer for our last two days in ministry with the children. Please rejoice with us for all that the Father has done and ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit on our remaining time.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna and Meg