Dearest friends,


We spent yesterday out on the streets of Kathmandu. While I was waiting for the girls to finish in the market, I was sitting in the truck eating a piece of roasted corn. I was just watching and enjoying the life that was happening all around me when a little girl pulled on my sleeve. She was very small, very dirty and very hungry. She pointed to my corn and said please.

The lady who was roasting the corn was near the truck. So, I went over to buy the little girl some corn. The woman considered her bad for business and tried to make her go away. The little one was afraid. I do not speak Nepali and the lady did not speak English and was not interested in making the sale.

Nepal has a strong cast system and this little girl would have been in the lowest social group. Everyone would feel that they are better than her. The corn seller obviously felt that she was far superior to this little hungry child that Jesus loves. Finally, a compassionate man stopped and helped me. I was able to buy the little girl two ears of corn.

There was no one to translate for me, so I could not tell her about Jesus. I need your help. She was so happy with her two ears of corn, but I want more for her. Will you please pray for God to send someone to this child who will comfort and love her and tell her about Jesus. I believe in a big God and I know God can answer this prayer. Her photo is the last picture among the photos we just sent to you for Nepal. Please pray for this little girl! I want to see her someday in heaven.

We fly today so please hold us in your prayers.

In Jesus,

Linda, Anna, and Meg