Dearest Friends,


Today, we traveled to a small farming community outside of Worcester, called Ezel Fountein. This actually translates as “Donkey Fountain.” There is an abundance of fruit in this area. They grow apricots, pears, apples, and peaches. It snows here a couple of times a year and the snow usually stays on the ground for a week or so. It makes me smile to think of snow in Africa.

The school had about 80 children and they loved the show. The principal said that they had never had such a program! He was delighted! My favorite part of the show was when so many of the children called on Jesus, as King Him to rescue them. I am so happy!


Our second program took us into town where almost 500 children packed into a room that was really too small for such a crowd. Again, we were warmly welcomed by the principal and enjoyed the children’s laughter and cheering.

Something very special happened at this school. The children were so eager to ask Jesus to be their Savior that some did not wait for the Afrikaans translation. They started to pray in English!

After the program, one of the teachers said, “ I believe that many of these children really experienced a change in their lives today. I saw their faces change as they prayed.” This was beautiful! God is so good to us. He is answering all of our prayers for the children.


Tomorrow we have 2 more rural schools. We cannot wait to spend the day with these children!

In Jesus, Linda for
Meg, Teresa, Josh, and A wonderful South African Team