Dearest Friends,

“ Die Liefde van Jesus is wonderlike so wonderlike liefde”

These are the beautiful Afrikaans words of a song that the children sang to us today to thank us for the puppet show. They sang, “ The love of Jesus is so wonderful, O wonderful love.” Then they quoted a scripture verse from Psalms that says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

One of the teachers at the farm school loved Jesus and promised to follow up with all of the children who trusted Jesus today. So many, many children called on Jesus to rescue them. It was amazing!

The mountains rose up in the distance and green fields spread before them. The sky was the brightest blue! We did the show outside. The children carried their chairs into the yard. It is winter here and chilly, but not too cold. What a glorious show!


The second school sat beside giant eucalyptus trees. The children sat in chairs and on the ground. I had so much fun telling the stories together that sometimes she forgot to translate. The children laughed with us. Best of all, they prayed with us, loud and strong. God is good!


Please pray! Tomorrow, we have 4 programs!

In Jesus,
Linda for Many Tired and Happy People