Dearest Friends,


On this trip, I am studying the Book of James. In James 2:5, it says, “ Has not God chosen those who are poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which He has promised to those who love Him?” Today, I saw many very poor children become rich in faith!

We were working in a squatter camp, a place filled with shacks. Some in the area have better, government built homes. These homes are about the size of a large American bathroom. An entire family will share the tiny kitchen, one bedroom, den and little bath. Life is difficult here. There are many who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. This is not a good place to be a child. Many were sick and had AIDS. Hunger is no stranger to these children.

We partnered with a local ministry that is working to provide for them. The children gather plastic bottles and shopping bags, trading them in for points that they can use to shop with at the store on the property. They are cleaning up their community and receiving things they really need.

More, today the group invited us to come and tell the children about Jesus. They sat in the dirt and stared at me with eyes that made me want to weep. I could see their pain. I could see hope grow in them as they prayed. Keep praying!


It would be very easy to dismiss the following story as unbelievable. We went to a government run center that helps drug addicts. The facility is for older teenagers and adults and we did a puppet show and they loved it. They laughed and they clapped. Some of the men even stood at the end of the program just to let us know how much they liked it. One client stood and said that the stories we had shared gave her real hope. Many of them trusted in Jesus and God’s rescue plan for them. The late morning heard them calling on Him with enthusiasm!

We were so blessed! I told them the story of Joseph and how knowing Jesus makes it possible for us to forgive anyone anything because we are forgiven. I saw the pain in their eyes disappear as they met Jesus, the great healer. Please continue to pray for these new brothers and sisters. There are strong Christians in this place who will help them grow. All of us especially loved this show!


This school was in town and the children were much better off than other little ones at other shows. As expected, they were more restless and not as quiet. So, it was especially sweet when they listened anyway. They prayed loudly! Even sweeter, so many came and hugged me after the show. They were so happy! I am happier! Praise God!


South Africa is an incredibly beautiful place! We have seen stark, big mountains standing against the bluest sky, covered in rocks and boulders whose number can not be counted. Rich green fields spread across the valleys, covered in grape vines and fruit trees. Yesterday, we visited Table Mountain, an enormous flat topped mountain that stands beside the ocean. When the clouds roll in, they settle across the top like a table cloth. The view was spectacular!

All of these wonders remind me again of my Father’s love for me. Each mountain makes me smile. The green fields give me joy. Truly, I see creation proclaiming His power and glory!


We are leaving for 8 days of ministry in the Karoo, a very dry area with many sheep farms. We will change towns almost every night. Please hold us in your prayers! Please pray for us as we travel! Especially, ask the Lord to call many to Faith!

In Jesus,

Linda for Josh, Teresa, Meg, Rina, Blom, Erick, and Suzette