Dearest Friends,


In Beaufort West, almost 500 children crowded into a space that really did not seem big enough to hold them. We were at a school that had been closed for 20 years and only re-opened in January. The children were from very poor homes and suffered from all the problems that come with extreme poverty.

Today, for an hour, they forgot they were poor. The children had an hour of joy. They literally gasped with delight as I drew each picture. They turned and looked for Jesus as Rina and I were telling them His story. They laughed and clapped. They were in awe of some of the simple parts of the program. They prayed with great joy. Each line of the prayer was louder than the last. Awesome!

One teacher came and said, "I will never forget the story you told today. "We will never forget how God wrote His story on the children’s hearts. Keep praying!


Our first program this morning was in a town best known for catering to truckers. The town is known for prostitution and child abuse. It was a heart breaking place where we saw God kindly heal some children’s hearts. When life is so bad, you look for help. Today, children looked to Jesus to help them. Please continue to pray for these children. Please pray for our 3 shows tomorrow. Just pray!

In Jesus,

Linda, Josh, Teresa, Rina, Blom, Meg, Erick, Suzette