Dearest friends,


When we arrived in the Baviaanskloof, I fully expected to see a sign
that announced " the end of the earth" (as mentioned in Acts 1:8). We
had driven 100 km on a dirt road that took us more than 2 hours to
travel. In the process, we crossed 43 rivers, some dry and some very
full. Most had no bridges. We literally drove through them! We saw
many baboons and monkeys.

We had 2 flat tires and the trailer hinges all broke. The roads are
rough Blom got bit by a dog. This journey took us to a little school
called Zaaimanskloof. Over 100 children and adults came to the show.
They told us we has every child in the town. There were no children in
the town. There were no children not at the program! They arrived in
the back of pickup trucks and in donkey carts, many walked.

So many children called on Jesus. They got louder with each Lind of
the prayer. These children were eager to meet God. Their lives are
often broken. Many of their parents are coholics. Life is hard and
often painful, but on this day they had joy! We too had joy! It was so
previous to spend time with these children. Hold them in your prayers!


We are in the Klein Karoo now or "little Karoo." It is a farming
area that surrounds the town of Uniondale, a beautiful small town.
There are people in this place interested in starting a puppet
ministry. Please pray for this opportunity.

Two schools came together for the show today. One entire school
walked quite a distance to town just so they could see the puppet
show. How humbling!

They saw so many things that they had never seen before. They asked
"when will you come again?" They were so hungry to hear about Jesus!
Hundreds of children came to the show and so many trusted in Jesus.
God is kindly speaking to so many little ones. He is answering all our

In Jesus,

Linda, Teresa, Josh, Meg, Rina, Blom, Suzette, and Erick