Dearest friends,


We are in Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world. Today we did two very special but very different programs. We went to a school for mentally handicapped and learning disabled children. Our second program was at a small rural farm school. Both places were full of children that no one sees and too often, no one cares about. In both places the children listened so well and many trusted in Jesus. All of the teachers were surprised at how engaged the children were with the Bible story and every part if the program. This is God’s work in their lives. He called them to listen and he called them to faith!

Please continue to pray for our remaining shows. On Saturday, we fly home, so all of us are aware we are running out of time with the children. Keep praying!

In Jesus,
Linda, Josh, Teresa, Meg, Rina, Blom, Suzette, and Erick