Dearest Friends,


Our last show in South Africa blessed all of us! We were amazed at the 150 children that gathered in a church late in the afternoon. Most were from farming communities and listened with a wonderful eagerness to the story of Peter. We watched their faces as they heard about God’s rescue plan for them. All of us felt the sweetness of His spirit as He poured His love on the children. It was without a doubt one of the best stories that we told together. Each of us knew God had done something wonderful. You should have heard them praying! keep these children in your prayers!


Lemeonshoek translates “orange corner.” It is the name of a very little place outside of a small town in the Little Karoo. Originally, we had planned to be at another school, but they cancelled late yesterday afternoon. We were all praying for another door to open. It seemed unlikely, but last night a lady came to the show who was sure she could get us into a farm school. This morning. She did!

The children were so happy we came and so amazed at all they saw. They prayed loudly, asking Jesus to rescue them. What a beautiful answer to prayer!


If I had to use one word to describe our second show today, it would be “unexpected.” We were at a private christian school and often, these shows are not so easy. The children have heard so many Bible stories that sometimes, they do not listen so well. However, these children were very attentive. They laughed, they clapped, and they prayed. God is awesome!


Tomorrow, Friday, we travel back to Worcester and Saturday we fly home. We will not reach our homes until Sunday afternoon. Please keep praying!

In Jesus,

Linda, Josh, Teresa, Meg, Rina, Blom, Suzette, and Erick