Dearest Friends,

Too people think children with great disabilities are not able to understand God’s rescue plan for them. However, through the years I have done many shows for these children. I know they can understand. This morning, at a camp in rural New York, we did a program for children with special needs.
At the end of the program, one little girl asked me a question. I was just about to pray with the children. She said, "Can I pray with you?" Then the most wonderful thing happened. I prayed, and she prayed, and angels sang. Please continue to pray for all of these children.

Early this morning, we did a show for children from the Bronx of New York City. We had the most fantastic time, because the children and young people had a fantastic time. It was pure joy!
These children and young people live in a very rough area. All of the problems that you don’t want to live near, surround them. Their needs scream that they need a rescue. Only God can take away their fear and give them the comfort that they do not find at home. We drove for many hours, because it was very important to all of us that we tell these children about Jesus. Now it is important that you pray for these children and young people. Ask The Lord to give them a deep understanding of Him.

Each year, I travel to Philadelphia to work with my friend Andy Kim. He loves children, he loves Jesus, and I love his passion. At a park near the center of Philadelphia, we did a show for many children and young people. This is a very dark place for children to live. It is an area marked by violence and abuse of every kind. It is exactly where we as Chritians need to be, speaking peace.
Next year, I would like to do a couple days of work in Philadelphia. If you are reading this email and can help me schedule this time for next year, please contact me.

Presently, we are driving to West Virginia. It will take over 8 hours. Please pray us safely there. We begin working in West Virginia tomorrow.

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey, Leslie, Jaimie, Drake, Billy, and Joe