Dearest Friends,

Last night, a lovely young woman came and spoke to me after the puppet show. She told me the most incredible story! Thirteen years ago, she was a little ten year old girl who came to a puppet show at a camp in Florida. She remembered us. When she saw that we would be at the church last night, she said she had to come and talk to me. She told me that what she heard all those years ago made a difference in the rest of her life. Home had been a very bad place for her. She needed hope that God could carry her through. She was able to forgive the people who hurt her. This is why it’s so important to share Christ with children. She grew up a happy, healthy adult because Jesus changed her life as a small child. Please continue to pray for her and the children.

Yesterday, Sunday we finished our time in Baltimore. We worked with Covenant of Grace PCA and First Baptist of Dundalk, sharing missions stories and doing programs for their children. I am so grateful to these churches prayer support! More, their generosity enabled us to have the funds we needed to do more than a dozen free shows for inner city children, teens, and adults.
All of us found it very difficult to say goodbye to our friends who helped us very much. We are so grateful to Tim and Amy Baum who shared their home with us for the past nine days. John and Li Maier worked tirelessly to schedule churches and other opportunities for us. All of these friends are an important part of our team. We praise God for their faithfulness!

We are on our way to Philadelphia to do a show in a park near 8th Street at 1:30 today. We are working with 8th Street Community Church. Please pray for God to keep the rain away. Please ask God to send us many children.
Later today, we drive to a camp in New York. Please ask The Lord to get us safely there. Pray for the children at the camp to come to faith.

In Jesus, Linda for Jaime, Drake, Joe, Leslie, Kelsey, and Billy