Dearest Friends,


Think of every word you know that is positive and unbelievable and still you would not have enough words to describe what we are seeing God do in Tralee. Constantly we are praying against the rain and God has faithfully stopped it so many times so that we could tell people about Jesus. At many of the shows, we have crowds of hundreds. More, we are discovering that there are many people listening that we do not see in front of us. Last night, I went to buy the team some drinks and ended up in a conversation with 3 men at one of the food booths. They told me that they had been listening to us all afternoon and had been well entertained. They thanked me for what was said. We gave them CD’s and suddenly the younger man pointed at me and said, "You’re the storyteller. I’ve been listening to you since I was a little boy". God is doing more than we can ask or imagine. As you pray, you have the opportunity to participate in many children discovering God’s rescue plan for them.

There are so many children coming to the shows. They stand on the street and stare with delight as they see the puppets sing. They listen to the stories and the testimonies with a hunger that makes your heart ache. Last night, we were out until after midnight. Surprisingly, there were still lots of children out. Three little boys stood and listened to every story and every song and watched the puppets. When they started to leave, one little boy came running back from his father. He yelled, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I want to thank each one of you for sending all of us to Ireland. Please continue to pray for this place.

Each day, we go out on the streets and meet people that are not coming into our churches. Yesterday we did more than 7 shows and shared with thousands. Today is our last day in Tralee and our last day of ministry. We need you to pray for blue skies and big receptive crowds. We want to see thousands crowd the street to hear about Jesus Christ. Stand with us in prayer!

In Jesus,

Linda, Billy, Joe, Jillian, Jaimie, Anna, Sam, Silvana and Reality