Dearest Friends,


I met a little girl on the street who told me that she would be fine because she had Holy water and Holy bracelets. She was a beautiful little girl, but she had no understanding of who Jesus is and what He had done for her. She was trusting in things that would never help her. This little girl is like so many people that we have met on the streets; she is putting her trust in things that will not satisfy, but no one has ever told her any different. That is why it is so important to be on the streets in Limerick.

People come to us with questions about matters of faith. They have no one else to ask. Because we’re there, we have the opportunity to talk with people that are not coming inside of our churches to look for answers to our questions.

People from all over the world have moved to Limerick. I was surprised that we had the opportunity to share with people from: Congo, Lithuania, India, Poland, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and many more places. In every town it is the same. We are sharing with people from Ireland but we are also sharing with people from all over the world. I find myself thinking a lot about Heaven and how it will look. I hope it is full of all these different people groups. I hope that little girl will hold on to the answers she heard on Wednesday about Jesus. Please pray for people to hold on to truth. So many of the things that I have been told are lies. They are not the truth found in Scripture.

Pray especially for the children. It is an amazing thing to see people standing in the rain to listen to a Bible story or to hear songs that tell them about Jesus. This is what we saw in Limerick and it is a precious gift from our Father. I believe that we often forget how amazing the Gospel is until we watch others discover its power.

We really enjoyed our time in Limerick but it is a place with a very bad reputation. They call it “Stab City” and the title is deserved. It is a place in desperate need of the Gospel.


Please pray for our time in Tralee. We will be sharing on the street at the Rose of Tralee Festival. Pray for many to stop and truly listen to God’s rescue plan.

In Jesus,
Linda, Anna, Jaimie, Jillian, Billy, Joe, Sam, Silvana and Reality