Dearest Friends,

You Brought The Sun!

Yesterday, a Roma lady in a small village told me that we brought the sun after she listened to the program. Everywhere that we went in the last 2 days was wonderful! We traveled to 4 different Roma villages in northern Croatia, including the largest one. The crowd was nearly 300 people in the field where we set up for the show. A crowd this big in a Roma village is usually very unruly and you would expect to have lots of distractions and noise. However, God surprised as even the adults in the crowd listened and helped us with the children. When it came time to pray, the children prayed very loudly , surprising all of us. Our Croatian friend, Carmen, plans to put a Good News club in this village and follow up with the children. She came with us and saw how powerfully God moved in the children’s hearts! Please pray for this place to have a strong children’s work!

Each village presented its own challenges. In one place, a man forbid us to do the show , but he had no real authority, so we set up. A screaming fight followed between 2 Roma families. Then, the man that was angry with us called the police, but they saw no problem and left. As we did the program, you could feel the darkness in the place and you could sense the spiritual battle that was waging. In the end, I did tell the children how they could trust in Jesus. Then, I prayed for the village to have peace. The children as always are stuck in the middle of their parents arguments. Please ask the Lord to pour His peace on this place!

We have been driving a lot and only returned home late last night. It is 5 AM here as I write these words to you. We are leaving in an hour to travel to more distant villages. God is blessing this trip and giving our friends many ideas as to how they can use this equipment! Please pray for us as we stand in the middle of a battle for the children’s hearts.

I have seen great needs in the last 2 days . one day, it was very cold and we saw many children with no shoes and wearing summer clothing. Hunger is a daily experience for many. Still, as always, their greatest need is Jesus. You should see the way they look at me when I tell them about God’s rescue plan! They are hungry for things that do not pass away….hope and love and peace. They are precious to the Father! Please hold them in your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda for the Croatian Team and Sam