Dearest Friends,

Three Public Schools

Yesterday, we traveled a windy mountain road to reach a place called Orahovica. It is a beautiful place that boasts a castle on a mountain overlooking the city. There is a lake nearby and people have weekend homes in the area. As always, there are many villages in the area with schools.

In 2 different villages, we did puppet shows in their schools. One school was 102 years old and the other had celebrated its 150th year. Both schools were thrilled that we came and very enthusiastic about what was shared. This was an unusual response for a very clear presentation of God’s rescue plan. The local pastor was thrilled that they liked it so much. They both asked us to come again. Praise God!

Our last show was at the town’s biggest school and they had the same reaction. We shared with hundreds of Croatian children and had a great day! All of the teachers came to the shows as well.

The area has problems as many people have no jobs. The factories have closed and there are simply no jobs. The average salary for a Croatian is 5000 kuna per month , which is less than 900 dollars. Many people do not make that much. Almost half of whatever they earn is spent on health insurance and taxes. Families are having a hard time.

We were told that the children have no money to go and see a professional puppet theater program. They were talking about us as though we were professionals. That thought made me smile. I always ask the Father to pour His Spirit on what we do and make us better than we are. Clearly, God answered our prayers.

You Are Eleven!

Today, we did a show for a kindergarten in another city. The children were guessing my age and 11 was the oldest guess. I am feeling really good today! I told the children the story of Jonah and how they could know God’s love. This evening, we shared at a church in the same city. At this program, I told the story of Jesus and His miracles. We had visitors and were able to give an invitation. We have had a blessed day!

Prayer Requests

Earlier this morning, I was walking before we left and had 2 sweet opportunities to talk with 2 ladies about Jesus. I plan to see them both again tomorrow morning, Friday. I also hope to follow up with a third lady that I spoke with the other day. Please pray for them! Please pray for the puppet shows that we bave planned for tomorrow.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam and the Croatian Team