Dearest Friends,


I have been wonderfully busy going to mission conferences and speaking at many churches. The other day I was speaking to a youth group in Florida. The youth leader asked me something in front of the young people which I thought was a really good question. He said, "If you knew was the last night of your life, what would you say to these young people? What would you want them to remember?"

In the room, there were young people who knew Jesus and some who did not. I began by speaking to the young people who had hope. I told them that if they were absolutely sure that they knew Jesus as their Savior, their Rescuer, their Lord, then they should live lives of passion for the cross. I told them to go deep into his Word, to live their whole lives for Jesus. I encouraged them to finish this walk and not let anything keep them from following Christ.

Then I spoke to the young people who had no hope, who lived in the dark. I explained to them how to put their trust in Jesus. I used a simple illustration of two cliffs, where God is on one side and we are on the other. The space between is too deep and too far for us to reach the other side without help. I explained how sin is what keeps us separated from all the blessings God wants to give us. I also explained sin, how it is the bad things we say and do, and how it is the way we were born. I talked to them how only Jesus’ death on the cross provided us with the bridge to reach God so that we could know Him as out Father. I explained to them how they could put their trust in Jesus.

I really liked my friend’s question. I think that I will start thinking about this question every time I speak to someone. The truth is that we never know when we are having our last conversation with someone. I want to be more deliberate in making sure that I say the things God wants me to say. As this Christmas season is upon us.


More than ten years ago, we planted a puppet team in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, working with Jennie and Guillermo Salinas. This has been the most wonderful team, faithfully serving in a very difficult place. On the team, there is a young boy named Fernando who is twelve years old. He is always helping the drama and puppet team. This year, his vision became very blurry, and he was not able to use his arms and legs. The doctors could do nothing to help him. Then, they took him to a bigger hospital and finally transferred him by ambulance to Mexico City.

There, he was given several tests, but God healed him before the results came back. He amazed the doctors by being able to stand and get out of bed.

Fernando still needs your prayers, but is healing in a way that is only explained as God’s hand on his life. In the West, we often forget that God does heal. Fernando is a good reminder to each one of us that God our Father can take care of us.

Please pray for this team as Jennie and Guillermo have been in the US for many months. However, they have continued to work. They have worked in an orphanage and done shows for children in their neighborhood. People have put their trust in Jesus. We were able to recently give this team a lot of new equipment which they desperately needed. I would really appreciate you helping me meet their needs and the needs of other teams like them around the world. Presently, I am trying to order a lot of equipment for this coming year and need your help. This is your opportunity to touch the children of the world for Jesus. The people that we work with are very faithful. This team is a good example of how we will invest your gifts.


This year we planted a new team in Scotland which has been doing wonderful work. They have twenty programs scheduled during December! Part of these shows will be done in Belfast, Northern Ireland where they will work in schools and churches.

Please pray for this team as they are very creative and eager to tell the children of Scotland and those in surrounding countries about Jesus. They have been recording new material and are always coming up with new story ideas. They challenge me to do a better job. I hope they challenge you to be involved in work that has an eternal reward.


I am happy to tell you about a planned visit to Emory hospital on December 5th. I’ve had a problem with my heart for a long time which they believe they will be able to correct. I will come home from the hospital that same day. I expect to feel better and have more energy for this wonderful work that God allows me to be a part of. Please hold me in your prayers. If you are close enough to come, I would welcome your attendance at the annual Jesus Birthday party on December 7th. Please bring something to share, and we will celebrate our King’s birthday. Also, I plan to celebrate that I will be feeling better. God is good and kind! Please pray for me.

In Jesus,
Linda for many Puppeteers