Dearest Friends,

On Tuesday, I leave for the Middle East. I will be working with my dear friend, Pastor Shadi and his team. We will be on the border of his country serving refugees and telling them about God’s wonderful rescue plan. It is a great honor to tell these Muslim families how much God loves them, and how they can discover Him through faith in Jesus Christ. On past trips, we have seen that they are very hungry to hear the truth of God’s word.

Please pray for many children and mothers and fathers to come to real faith in Jesus Christ. Please ask God to make us wise and kind and sensitive to their needs. Please pray for the entire team to have real courage as we anticipate that we will face some difficult situations, but we are confident in God’s provision and calling.

I will be going by myself, but working with nationals who are family to me. I always remember a quote that my husband particularly loved. He said, "A Christian is absolutely indestructible until God wills it otherwise". All of us understand that it is only God who holds our days. All of us expect to see God do AMAZING things as He moves in the lives of many Muslims and in our own lives.

Please join us in praying daily for this work. I am counting on you to be on your knees so that we can stand in the dark!

In Jesus,

Linda for the entire team