Dearest Friends,

Urgent Prayer Request

Tomorrow, Tuesday , we have the opportunity to share with over 500 children and the nuns who teach them at a Catholic School. We will do 2 shows and need you to pray for wisdom as we share. The school is full of Muslim children ! Please pray that many of the children will trust in Jesus.

Afterwards, we will spend several hours making more gift bags with the gloves and hats you gave me to bring. We are somewhat short of supplies and really need to end up with at least 300 plus bags. We can do it as long as we are careful in our combinations.

Please pray for the ladies that I met with today in Bible Study. Many are not believers and all have big problems in their lives that need the Father’s love. More, we are trying to solve a problem for ladies who can not read and want to read the Bible. Most of the options are too technical for them to use.

Also, there are many more puppet shows as well as many ladies Bible Study meetings that need your prayer. We are hoping to do a presentation at a School on God’s view of the family and how it affects education. The room will be full of Muslim parents who possess a very different understanding of family. Also, I am meeting with groups of teachers and talking with them about how real faith can make you a better teacher. All of these things are planned so that we can talk about Jesus and God’s rescue plan. Please pray for us! With so many different kinds of programs, much study is required and we are happily busy! More, the safety concerns remain a matter for prayer.

God is good!

In Jesus, Linda for Shadi and the team