Dearest Friends,

This is a very important email. It has a report on the wonderful way the Lord answered your urgent prayer request for the Muslim children. It includes a new urgent prayer need . More, rejoice that our last financial need has been met!

Amazing Answered Prayer

Thank you for praying for our time with the nuns and the 2 shows for over 500 children. God truly poured His Spirit on this time. Hundreds called on Jesus to rescue them! The children loved the show and blessed us with laughter and smiles. The nuns were so happy that they kindly invited us to eat with them. It was an incredible time! So many Muslim children heard about Jesus!

Please Pray!

Tomorrow, we are going to a new village. The school has never allowed Christians to come and share there before. We need gift bags as these small things are the key that opens the door. We had gloves and hats left, but no small toys. So we went shopping today for many small toys and more chocolate bars. We were very pleased with what we found. Then, we spent hours making up our gift bags for tomorrow. We also put an Arabic children’s tract in each bag along with some personal hygiene items.

The village is full of Greek Orthodox children who have been taught that they can be good and go to heaven. There are also some Muslim refugee children who know nothing about Jesus sacrifice. We need to be wise and full of the Father’s love. Most of these children will be hearing about what Jesus did for them for the first time. Ours is a great privilege! Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda for Shadi and the puppet team