Dearest Friends,

A Syrian Home

Yesterday, I had the sweetest pleasure. We spent hours with a Syrian refugee family. During our visit, many other neighborhood children came and I told stories for them. The children listened very well, but it was the grandmother who listened best. When I finished, I was asking the children questions to review what they had heard. It was their grandmother who had every answer!

These people have all suffered greatly. Many of the people that my friends work with have lost homes, some all earthly possessions. Many have lost more as they have lost family and friends. One lady sent her daughters back to Syria to go school. Syrian children cannot go to school here because they do not speak the language. These people are wanderers. No one really wants them. One family that I met went to china for a while and now is here. However, soon they will be resettled in Australia and they do not speak any English.

These dear people are truly lost. They are Muslim and do not know Jesus. They have no homes and no one really wants them. Please pray for them.


My friend Zeynep owns a shop. I have had 2 lovely visits with her. Today, she invited us to sit and have tea with her. She told us that she believed in God, but thought that it was pretty much the same any religion. I suggested that she might like to read what Jesus said in His own words about truth. My friend had given her a Bible and she read the words of John 14:1-6 in her own language out loud.We talked a while longer and left on a very good note. Please ask God to show her truth. She was very kind to me and I believe that the greatest kindness that I can show her is to ask you to pray for her!

Iranian and Turkish Sunday School Teachers

I spent all of today teaching Sunday School teachers from different countries, as well as Americans, English and Egyptian friends. It was fantastic, but I am too tired to tell you more tonight.

In Jesus, Linda