Dearest Friends,

A Very Sweet Day

This has been the sweetest day! I am in a country where many people do not love the cross. Still, I have had the sweetest opportunities to talk about Jesus! All of the things on this list happened today! Rejoice! Please pray for all those who heard about God’s rescue plan today.


1. I told a story today to a large group of Syrian refugees and their children. Though the children were the focus of the story, their mothers listened with equal interest. My translator was a refugee from Egypt and did a great job. Everyone said that they had never seen the children listen so well. I told them that it was because I am so well covered in prayer. God is good!

2. The airline lost my bags last night and found them. They were delivered this evening. Praise God!

3. I had nothing in the way of equipment for today’s program. I confess I was at first upset and then quickly repentent. I realized that I was depending on things instead of Jesus. Then I realized that I had everything I needed because I had Jesus and He is always enough. Honestly. it was amazing how the Lord gave me ideas on how to tell Joseph using my scarfs and a bright colored Lebanese jacket that I had with me. The story truly was one of the best I have told and it was all the Lord. I know that I can never take credit for the storytelling I do, but I was especially aware of it this time. Praise the Lord!

4. I love the Syrian mothers and asked if I could share with the ladies this morning. I shared with them Mike’s story because only at that level of deep loss can I come close to understanding their pain and suffering. The response was a great outpouring of God’s spirit. Everyone told me that the women had never listened so well. Again, I am well prayed for as I work and that makes all the difference! I was thanked and hugged and kissed. One lady said, "I want to know Jesus as you know Him".

5. We visited 2 refugees who were at the hospital with their sick babies. It was not the best place. I prayed for them. Will you pray for them? One lady told my friend that she and another Christian lady were her only visitors. They are Muslim and very alone.

6.A shopkeeper invited us to sit with her and talk about Jesus. She listened well and promised to read the book of Luke. Please pray that she keeps her promise.

There is more that I could share about today but it is late and I am tired. I rode a large ferry today, 4 buses and had multiple trips on the subway. I also walked a lot. It was a sweet day!

In Jesus, Linda