Dearest Friends,

Today I crossed the Limpopo River and entered Zimbabwe. The name translates "a house built with stones". As we were stopped at the border crossing, trying to enter from South Africa, I wondered how long before I would see this place that I had been praying for.

We were delayed for 3 hours which was much less than expected. The customs official made us unpack all 25 puppets and charged us a tax on each one which came to 150 US dollars. Praise The Lord that he did not find the PA system! He quite liked the puppets and put the alligator on to play with it. Still, he did charge us.

The border was crowded with hundreds and hundreds of people trying to cross. There were many beggars , blind and crippled. One man drug himself across the ground with sticks. A lady led 2 blind people who were singing "Jesus loves me" and begging. My heart broke as I saw so many who were broken. This is a place with many problems. Over 30% of the population has been diagnosed with AIDS. The life expectancy here is 37, the lowest in the world for a country not at war. This place needs the hope that only Jesus gives. Please pray! Tomorrow, Sunday, we begin this work. It has taken the South African team 3 days to drive here and I have been traveling for 5 days. We are all so excited! Ask The Lord to raise up a team. Ask the Father to call many to faith!

In Jesus,
Linda for all of us!