Dearest Friends,

Strange Problems

There are so many things that I must remember here that I have never thought about before. We had to close the doors to keep the monkeys out. Blom, a South African team member, woke up last night with his head covered in ants. They warned me not to go too close to the baboons as they might attack.

Yesterday, ladies approached yesterday selling buckets of worms. Blom and I ate them. They are called maponi worms. They were very crunchy. I started eating from the tail because the head looked back at me. Heehee.

A Big Problem

These are dear and wonderful people that we are working with in Morgester. However, the idea of children’s ministry is foreign to them. I worked with Sunday School teachers today who told me that you go to heaven by being born a Christian, by being good, or by coming to church. Please pray for us as we seek to balance the teaching of truth with encouragement. It is a hard lesson. Please ask God to give us a team. We start training tomorrow!

In Jesus,
Linda for all of us serving in Zimbabwe