Dearest Friends,

Kuda, Kwenyu and Ngakuitwe

These are the Shona words for Faith, Patience and Perseverance. This trip has been all about these three words. We have needed great faith to believe that God could do the impossible. We have needed patience to wait for Gods answers. We have needed to persevere and keep doing what God has called us to do, while we wait for Him to answer our prayers.

I am thrilled to report to you that Agape Zimbabwe is becoming a reality. The morning training sessions had been going very well. I want you to know that some of the ladies who have been coming for this training had been sleeping on the church floor so that they can attend. They have all sacrificed greatly so that they can all learn how to work better with children.

Please continue to pray daily for this new team. We have two more days of training sessions and they are coming with us to all the programs that we are doing. This is really helping them to learn more.

Three Very Different Shows

At our first program with the children, the church filled with about 500 students. They really loves the show and so many called on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them.

The second show was so different than the first. This time, the children who came to the show were all deaf. This presented some amazing difficulties in how we presented the program. However God was kind to us and gave us the wisdom we needed. I saw deaf children asking Jesus to be their Savior, using their sign language. It was beautiful!

Our last program was for the students at the Teachers College at Morgenster. This is the mission station where we are working. You probably think that a bunch of young adults would not enjoy puppets. You would be very wrong! They absolutely loves the show! We were able to do this show in English without a translator. And we really enjoyed the freedom that fact gave us.

Please pray for all the children that we saw come to faith today! It was a glorious day!!!

In Jesus,
Linda for Rina, Blom, Luckson, Suzette, Nesbin and Wilhelm