Dearest Friends,

Great Blessings

Twice today we set up in the dirt in a market area and saw God call many children to Himself. It was really dirty, a place where ox driven carts pass, cows and goats roam and the children just sat right down. They were not dressed very well. One little boy had more holes than shirt.

I wish you all could have been there with us. You would have been amazed to see how many adults came to both shows to listen. Behind them, huge mountains rose up, littered with the biggest stones. The sky was the most perfect blue.

A wonderful group of ladies who are training with us came to both shows. At one program, they began to dance and sing to call the crowd. It sounded fantastic and asked what the words meant. They were singing, "we are going to preach about God". Knowing that we would talk about Jesus, huge crowds gathered. Awesome!

The Big Problem

We still need you to pray for our new puppet team, but we are very encouraged today. Many came for training today, including Lovejoy, Bokani, Micah, Dambudo, Loveness, Effort, Jane, Muzenda and Theophelys. There are more. We need wisdom for choosing a team leader and who to train for what job .

Yesterday was very discouraging. I wondered if we would have a team . Things were so difficult that we knew God had to show up in a big way or we were doomed to failure. The Father kindly answered our prayers!

In Jesus,
Linda for Blom, Rina, Wilhelm, Nesbin, and Luckson