Dearest Friends,


Our last show in Mexico was at a hospital that treats children and teenagers with cancer. We did it on the rooftop of the hospital with a shaded pavilion over it. Many parents came with their children, and there was also lots of staff attending. I was watching as everyone came and sat down. They looked so sad and the children were very unhappy. No one was smiling. It was the most beautiful thing to watch the children’s faces change as they began to watch the puppets and enjoy the program. It is a precious gift to be able to make a terminally ill child smile.
As I was telling the story, I felt God pouring His spirit on those who were listening. I could see them discovering Jesus, and it was wonderful to watch. As we gave the invitation, I heard a few soft whispers as some precious little ones called on Him to rescue them. When you are speaking to children who will probably not get well, the comfort of the Gospel is much greater. This really was one of my favorite shows. Please pray for everyone who came today. I would love to see all of these children in Heaven.


Our new team did their very first show for us today. This gave us the opportunity to give them ideas on how they could improve. They were all very eager to learn and were quick to see their own mistakes. I have the best feeling about this team. I expect them to do great things for the Lord!
The pastor wanted to thank us today for the equipment and the training. The entire Mexican team stood to honor us, and I began to cry. I asked Drake to thank them for us, and I thought he said things very well. He told them that we had learned more from them than they had been able to learn from us. I agree with him. We are all very changed by our experience in El Coloso. Every day we have watched children and adults digging in the garbage looking for anything of value. Such things must change you, or you have no heart. This is an extremely hard place to be a child. They are not safe. Still, their greatest need is Jesus. I believe our new team will give them the person they need the most.
Pastor Jose Velma is a good man who is standing in a very dark place. He had been praying for a way for his church to evangelize the community. He told us today that God had answered his prayer. Please pray for him to stay focused and strong as he leads this little church. Please pray for the members of the team to not grow discouraged and to face all opposition with love and grace.


We are leaving at about 3:30 AM this morning to begin our journey home. If we have no difficulties, we will arrive in Atlanta at 6 PM Thursday. We really need you to pray that we will be able to get home. We had so much trouble getting here and have lost confidence in the airline’s ability to keep their schedule. The truth is that we are very tired and really don’t want any problems. Please pray!

In Jesus,

Linda, Jennie, Billy, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie