Dearest Friends,


Today we had the sweetest show at a school! There were over four hundred children and so many teachers. The principal was very concerned that we not present a religious program. I spoke to him before we started and explained that we would not discuss religion; we would talk about real things with the children that they needed to hear. I told him that we would tell them about hope and love and peace and how Jesus could meet these needs. Because he was so concerned, we made the decision to tell the children how to pray, but we did not pray out loud with them. I always know that God can finish with the children. More, there was a teacher there who came to us and told us how much she loved Jesus. She promised to follow up with the children, and she even came to a second show this evening. She wants to join the puppet team!
When we finished the show, I was surrounded by children. I was sitting in a chair resting, because it was quite warm and I was quite tired. Jennie and Billy took turns being my translator. I was very sad and concerned as I heard the things the children were telling me. They said, “All Christians are liars. All Christians are devils.” Patiently, we explained to them how these things were not true. We took no offence to their statements, understanding that people from other church traditions had told them these lies to try and keep them from hearing about Jesus. We talked to them for a very long time, and they agreed that all of us were not liars, nor were we devils. However, this is what they are taught about Christians, and this is the battle we face.
Please pray for these children. This place is full of children just like the ones at this school. People’s lies are keeping them from hearing about Jesus!


This afternoon found us setting up to do a show at another basketball court. This one had a roof over it and places for children to sit. When it was almost time to start, hardly anyone was there. However, within a few minutes, every seat was filled. The place was packed with people! Many kids from the first show this morning came to the afternoon show. All of us could feel God pouring His spirit on this show. The adults were listening as well as the children. When we gave the invitation, many children and adults prayed very loudly.
I’m always praying while I tell the stories, asking God to tell me what to say. I felt impressed to share part of Mike’s testimony because we did have so many adults there. When I heard them praying, I thought about Mike. He’s been with Jesus almost nine years, and God is still using his life’s story to call people to faith. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and His goodness to us this afternoon!


Since the very beginning of this trip, we have experienced many spiritual attacks. The only way that I could solve many of the problems we faced was to spend funds I did not plan to spend. The airline cancelled our flight and would not agree to get us to our destination until five days after we should have arrived. They finally flew us into Mexico City, but I had to pay for a hotel and tickets to get us the rest of the way.
Tonight, I made the decision to move our entire team to a small hotel not too far from the church. It is extremely hot here, and the water had run out at the church. For several days now, we have been carrying buckets of water to flush the toilets and to take showers. The young people have never complained. However, I simply could not continue without getting some real rest.
Our perseverance has been a sweet testimony to our new team. However, they agreed that it would be wise to make this move now. The cost of all of these various difficulties is around $1000. I would be so grateful to anyone who can help pay for these unexpected expenses. Thank you for your faithfulness. Please keep praying. Tomorrow we will visit children at a cancer hospital and be out on the streets later in the day. Each day we are also training out new team.

In Jesus,

Linda, Jennie, Billy, Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie