Dearest Friends,

Our Last Show In Tennessee

Some of you may remember a little boy named Patrick that I have written about for several years. I still remember when he came up to me at a show and told me he had put his trust in Jesus. He said, “ I ‘ve been watching your show for several years but I never prayed until today.” He had the biggest smile and over the years we have had some good conversations. I always bring him something to encourage him in his faith. This time, we gave him an action illustrated Bible. It is a great gift for teenagers !

Patrick does not have the easiest life. So many of the children that we have been sharing with in Tennessee suffer some kind of of abuse. Most endure their childhood and are often neglected. I think having no one to listen to you is the hardest reality for the children. This hurts more than you can imagine. It makes them feel that they are worthless, that their words have no value. It follows in their minds that they have no value.
Please remember these children! They gave me so many hugs and a paper airplane! We were very blessed as we gave them the wonderful story of Jesus.

Our First Show in Maryland

This was a fantastic show where the Lord showed us great mercy! We made some mistakes and unbelievably , as we sought to cover them, everyone thought it was all part of the act. We are not that clever! They loved the program and most importantly, they heard clearly how Jesus could rescue them.

Our theme for the program this summer is “We All Need A Rescue!” We did not know the theme of the Vacation Bible School. Imagine our surprise when the theme appeared on the screen and it said “Jesus Rescues Us!” Several people commented to me that they appreciated our tailoring our program to match their VBS program. I quickly told them the truth and was amazed again at God’s mercy to us!
PRAY as we begin our work in inner city Baltimore tomorrow!

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey, Mary, Billy, Drake, and Leslie