Dearest Friends,

Urgent Prayer Request

Last night, we stood on Grafton Street in Dublin and talked about Jesus. Reality sang great songs that pointed people to God’s rescue plan for them. Two of my children and two of my grandchildren were with me and it was a special joy to hear them tell people about Jesus. Two of my American puppet team are also here, Drake and Leslie. We had all kinds of sound problems and had to change songs very quickly. Several times the team was prepared to sing one song and another song played. No one complained and everyone was flexible. Praise God!

Still, it was very dark last night. We would see that people were interested, and then they would just walk away. Many seeds were planted, but we wanted people to stay and listen and respond to the Gospel. There was one good conversation with a lady who wanted to kill herself, and she left with hope. This place needs Jesus! Please pray for the shows this afternoon and evening. Ask God to cause people to stay and listen with their ears and with their hearts. We cannot stand if you do not kneel. Please pray!

In Jesus,

Linda for Josh, Teresa, Evangeline, Daniel, Drake, and Leslie