Dearest Friends,


For a long time, I’ve wanted to work in Pakistan, but this just isn’t possible. Two years ago, we began to partner with an English ministry called Bringing Good News. They have a wonderful work among the slave children who work in the brick kilns.

The Pakistani Christian is named Shahzad and he has inspired the support of six schools, eleven Sunday schools, a variety of sewing centers, and two evangelists. More, he has helped to set at least 20 family free from this slavery that many have endured all their lives.

Now you have an opportunity to participate with him in supporting this wonderful work. I have two opportunities for you. First, Shahzad needs your prayers for a brain operation that will happen toward the end of August. Because he is a well-known Christian, his life is at risk, even in a hospital. Please pray for God to heal and restore this dear man.

Second, I would like to ask you to help free two families from slavery. Shahzad has asked that this be accomplished before he has his operation. Please contact Ian Thomson at his website: . He has identified two families where both the fathers were born into slavery and have spent all their lives laboring to make bricks. The fathers do not want their children to grow up as slaves, but to be free. It will cost $3,200 to set both of these families free and set them up with a small business. I recommend this work to you and the life of this heroic brother, Shahzad. I encourage you to support Ian Thomson in this beautiful work he is doing with the children.


Last night, Saturday, we were only able to do one show because of the weather. It has been pouring on us. Still, I preferred last night’s one show to the three shows we did the night before. God faithfully answered you prayers and caused so many people who came to that one show to really listen. As I was telling the story of the prodigal son, I looked into the eyes of very hungry people. They listened well and we believe that God will do wonderful things in the lives of the people who came to that show. I walked forward into the crowd as I was finishing the story and spoke about how God waits for us to come home to Him. I wish you could have seen their faces. Some leaned forward, almost in disbelief that God could care so much for them. One of the men who was at last night’s program was waiting on us today at the afternoon show’s location. Please pray for all the people who came to shows in Dublin.

This morning we had a special opportunity to share with many children at a church that had a few Irish believers and many immigrant families. The families were from Cameroon, Angola, and Nigeria. Some of the children put their trust in Jesus today. Please hold them in your prayers.

Tomorrow we head toward Galway where we will be doing an evening series of shows. Please pray for it not to rain! Please ask God to send crowds that will listen. Please ask the Lord to make us lights.

In Jesus,

Linda, Josh, Teresa, Evangeline, Daniel, Drake and Leslie