Dearest Friends,

Jesus Storybook Bibles

A kind friend wanted to remember his good friend who went home recently with a gift of Jesus Storybook Bibles for our shows in Ireland. We began to give these away in Galway. At an afternoon show, I noticed a man and his daughter watching the program. She looked to be about 8 years old. They sat through every set and came to speak to me after the show. He said that he had looked that afternoon for a Bible for his daughter and could not find one that she could read. He was sitting and listening to the band, asking God to give her a Bible she could read. Then, I leaned over and offered him the Bible. He was so amazed at how God had answered his prayer!

Two of the Bibles were given to English speaking Slovak families who will take them home to Slovakia. A family from Spain will take one home to Spain and 3 Irish families were thrilled with their gifts.

We finished 2 days of shows in Galway very blessed. So many, many people came and listened! We had a couple of drunks that gave us some difficulty, but nothing serious. Most were really eager to listen and hungry to hear about Jesus. We had conversations with people from all over the world who were in Ireland on vacation and God brought them to us. One lady noticed me giving an older gentleman a Bible and came to tell us that she so wanted to take the picture. Then, she watched the show and asked for a picture I had drawn of Jesus as the bridge to God. She called it art, but it was only a crumpled chalk picture. My prayer is that she discovers Jesus as her rescuer. She is a very kind woman.

Please continue to pray for this city and their great need for the Savior of the world!

Our First Show in Limerick

This afternoon we set up and did a show with the band in a pedestrian zone, in a place where many people shop. The sky was so blue when we started, and then it rained and we stopped and started again. That seemed to be the way it went all afternoon. Every time we began again, God would give us another crowd. I was really surprised at how many people came and listened to the band and the puppet show.

I shared with two thirteen-year-old girls and was able to give both of them new pink Bibles. They were very happy!I marked the book of John for them so they would know where to start reading. One of the sweetest things of the day happened while we were packing up. Four boys, ages ten to fourteen, came up to Sam as he was starting to take down the easel. They asked him what the picture was about. It was a series of pictures from the story of Joseph. I stood there and retold the entire story, and they really listened. They all thought that Joseph should’ve tortured and killed his brothers. They were so surprised to find out that he forgave them. They especially listened as I explained how they could be forgiven and forgive others. Please pray for these four boys. Ask the Lord to cause them to come again to the show tomorrow so we can talk more with them.

Ask God to give us dry weather for tomorrow’s shows. Ask Him to send many people to us who will listen.

In Jesus,

Linda, Josh, Teresa, Evangeline, Daniel, Drake, Leslie, and Reality