Dearest Friends,

Two Churches

In Mostar, there are 2 evangelical churches. One is located on the western side and the other on the eastern side in a mostly Moslem area. I am staying in the Moslem part of town with a dear lady named Sanela. She is from a Moslem background and came to Jesus during the war years. I have met so many believers here who found Jesus during the worst of times and came to faith from Moslem families.

A good sized church here is only 30 people. It is hard here for Christians and discouraging. They do not understand why people are disinterested in Jesus. Their hearts are breaking for so many who refuse to hear. Tomorrow , I will visit both churches. Please pray that I will be an encouragement to these sweet believers. Please pray for revival to come to this place.

Rejoice with me for the 8 people who came for training today! They were so happy and blessed by all the tools that I brought. Their joy humbled me. They are full of plans and need your prayers. Their government says that they can not tell the children about Jesus. They will tell them anyway. Pray!

In Jesus, Linda