Dearest Friends,

A Beautiful Day

It is Sunday evening here and we have had the sweetest day! This morning , I did a program for the children at the church on the eastern side of town. When some of the children asked how they liked the program, they said it was "super". Praise God!

This evening, I brought a mission report at the church on the western side of town. God was so kind! The report was well received and I talked with many after the service who were encouraged. This was my hearts desire. I wanted to be a blessing and encourage this part of our family who lives in a hard place for the Gospel. Please continue to pray for both of these churches!

In between the 2 services, I had lunch with friends. Jelena’s mother made us a special treat that is normally served at Christmas time. It is called sarma and it is made by stuffing a special kind of sauerkraut with meat and rice. I loved it!

The Most Incredible Story

I heard the best story tonight from the pastor of the western church. He had just returned from a conference with hundreds of pastors from Balkan and middle eastern nations. All of them serve in areas where there are many Moslems and very few Christians. One report was especially dear. He spoke about a man in Egypt who had dreams about Jesus. He is a taxi driver who saw a man in white appear to him in his dreams. He felt confused and prayed, asking Jesus to give him a sign if He was really the Son of God.

In his dream, Jesus told him that a young Christian woman will ride in your taxi and tell you that "I love you". I know that this may sound crazy to you but I hear these kind of stories from Moslems that I share with on the Syrian border. They know nothing about God or Jesus and begin to dream. So please, hear the rest of the story. You will love it!

Later, he picked up a fare. The young woman was a Christian and recognized the driver as a member of an extremist group. She heard The Lord telling her to tell the man , "Jesus loves you". She was very afraid and argued with God. She was afraid that the man would kidnap her. Finally, she decided to tell him. As she was getting out of the car, she paid him and said Jesus loves you".

She was trying to run away, but he called her back . He told her the dream. He saw that Jesus was real!

In Jesus, Linda